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About Us


About Us

Crystal and David live in Wylie, Texas and have two children, Tristan and Faith. Crystal received her BSN from University of Texas at Austin and is currently a Neurovascular ICU nurse and runs the scrub store with David, who previously was director of sales and engineering for a company in the semiconductor industry. Crystal grew up in a small city and followed her mother’s footsteps of wanting to be a nurse and help people. During that journey, she met her soon-to-be husband and moved to Austin to attend UT. David and Crystal were married while she was attending nursing school, and she graduated a year later with her BSN. They then moved to Dallas to pursue their careers.

Our Passion

Crystal combined her love of nursing, fashion, and time with her husband and opened up a scrub store with him so he wouldn’t have to travel for business all the time and they could look to start a family. With that business succeeding, they were looking for the next step and Crystal wanted to provide the excellent customer service that is provided to more people at a larger scale (besides just opening another store) and she realized that it could be done online. Being a nurse and business owner gives her very little free time and she realized that there needed to be a more modern way to shop, and our customer service provides the solution to the “how does it fit?” problem. She’s excited to share her passion with you!